SEEKING FUNDING? We offer services designed to increase your chance of success.

We can:

  • Explain the basics of foundation fundraising
  • Help you define your approach and develop a high-quality, competitive proposal
  • Identify foundations that may be interested in your work
  • Serve as a liaison to foundations
  • Review your letters of intent and proposals
  • Advise you on grant reporting and stewardship 



We are happy to identify foundation funding opportunities that are relevant to your work. Please contact us via our request form, by emailing, or by calling (919) 681-0469. 

If you would like to conduct your own search, the Office of Research Support maintains a useful funding database that includes federal opportunities. Duke also provides access to Pivot and Foundation Directory Online. Contact if you are interested in receiving training on these resources.

If you are interested in corporate funders, please contact in Duke’s Corporate Relations office.

Interested in the Trent Fund or the Mary Duke Biddle Foundation? Curious about Duke’s relationship with the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation? Find more information here


Each foundation is different, and we are here to guide you through their processes. Contact us before approaching a foundation; this may greatly increase your chance of success and is required by the university. Foundation proposals are also required to go through Duke’s Office of Research Support for institutional review and approval five business days prior to the foundation’s deadline. Start with us, and we will help.


Meet our staff and find out who can help with specific areas and funders.

We are located at 614 W. Main Street and our mailing address is Box 90600, Durham, NC 27708.  We can be reached at (919) 681-0468.


The Partnership for Appalachian Girls’ Education (PAGE)

For more than ten years, Deborah Hicks-Rogoff has been running PAGE, an amazing program to promote self confidence in girls in Appalachia. Every year, she has had to raise money to keep the program going. In fall 2015, she was invited to submit a proposal to the Kenan Charitable Trusts. She reached out to Beth Eastlick in Foundation Relations for advice and assistance.

Hicks-Rogoff drafted a proposal and then she and Beth worked together to refine it, to answer questions that Beth thought Kenan might ask, to build in a required match for the funding, and to make sure the budget aligned with Duke accounting practices. In January 2016, the PAGE program received an award of $210,000 that will carry PAGE forward for two years.

"It was a great experience to work with Beth,” Hicks-Rogoff says. “She helped me sharpen my narrative and build a successful relationship with a wonderful North Carolina foundation."

Summer Seminars in Neuroscience and Philosophy

Felipe De Brigard, assistant professor of philosophy, and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong, the Chauncey Stillman Professor of Practical Ethics, wanted to create a series of seminars. They brought a proposal draft to Vera Luck in Foundation Relations, who helped review the draft and prepare it for submission to the John Templeton Foundation.

Templeton awarded the two professors a $1.8 million grant to conduct yearly seminars bringing their two fields together starting in 2016. Each 15 day-long seminar will allow neuroscientists and philosophers to learn about each other’s discipline, and then work together on new research.   

Vera also provided support when the grant agreement was being finalized. Since then, De Brigard, Sinnott-Armstrong, and Vera have continued dialogue with Templeton about their interests. We look forward to exploring new ideas for future partnerships.