Regional Contacts

Duke's regional gift officers travel the country and the globe to help connect alumni and friends with giving and volunteer opportunities throughout the university.

Ann Gleason
Senior Assistant Vice President, Individual Giving
(919) 684-0439

Juliette Ciani
Assistant Vice President, Major Gifts
(919) 684-2115
Philadelphia, New Jersey, Delaware, Ohio

Brook Alexander
(919) 681-0438
North Carolina, South Carolina (excluding Hilton Head), Tennessee, Kentucky

Cynthia Baker
(202) 237-1686
Manhattan (Westchester County), Connecticut (Fairfield County)

Susan Berndt
(919) 681-0436
Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, New Mexico

Melany Bray 
(919) 613-4488
Manhattan and Long Island, NY.

Tim Breslin
(919) 684-1518
Virginia (excluding Richmond), Colorado, Alabama, Arizona

Nick Dyslin
(919) 668-6804
Illinois, Pittsburgh , Indiana, Iowa, Ontario

Meaghan Gibbons
(919) 613-6176
Northern California, Nebraska, South Dakota, North Dakota, and Nevada

Kelly Gleason
(919) 724-6582
Washington D.C., Maryland, West Virginia, and Michigan

Regina Long
(919) 684-1976
Georgia, Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Utah, Hilton Head, S.C.

Colin O'Connor
(919) 613-2083
Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi

Karin Sullivan
(919) 681-0435
Southern California, Washington, Oregon, Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and British Columbia

Malinda Whitson
(919) 681-6521
Northern California, Richmond, VA

Barbara Collins
Director of Special Initiatives
(919) 681-0431

Angela Greenwald
Director of Interdisciplinary Initiatives
(919) 613-6148


Charlie Squires
(919) 613-6171