Map and Directions to Duke University Office of University Development


Parking and Entrance Information

The entrance to University Development (614 West Main Street) is on Fuller Street, between West Main and West Morgan Streets.

Street parking is sometimes available on the same side of Fuller Street as the University Development office.  Otherwise, visitors should park on the second level of the parking garage across Fuller Street from our office entrance. There is a call box beside the garage gate. Simply call the front desk from the box at the gate, according to the instructions posted on the call box, and the receptionist will lift the gate remotely.

The entrance to University Development is across the street from the garage.  You'll need to use another call box by the building entrance to get inside. At this call box to the left of the entry door, press the call button and 964 (or scroll through the listings on the call box using the A and Z buttons to “Duke Develop” and press the call button).  The receptionist will answer, confirm your destination, and release the door.  The entrance to University Development is on the right-hand side of the corridor. 

The receptionist will let the person you are visiting know that you have arrived, and he or she will greet you in the reception area.  If you have questions, the main number for the receptionist is (919) 684-2123.