A gift to Duke can be part of a smart financial plan.

Unwrapping Gifts: Charitable Gift Annuities

Jeremy Arkin, Director of Gift Planning at Duke, describes how a charitable gift annuity at Duke University can be part of a smart financial plan.

View the video.

View the video.

Let the Office of Gift Planning at Duke University help you and your financial advisors develop a gift plan that meets your financial and philanthropic goals. A properly planned gift may help you reduce or eliminate capital gains and gift and estate taxes. You may realize immediate tax savings, as well.

Download the Legacy Giving to Duke brochure (PDF format) for a portable, printable, two-page synopsis of smart financial plans.

Charitable IRA rollover extended for a limited time

On January 2, President Obama signed into law a reinstatement and extension of the charitable IRA rollover, allowing donors 70 1/2 years or older to make a direct, tax-free gift of up to $100,000 from an individual retirement account to a qualified charitable organization, such as Duke University. Such charitable IRA rollover gifts may also count toward a donor’s required minimum distribution for the year. This extension runs through December 31, 2013.

Duke’s Office of Gift Planning is available to work with you and your financial advisors to develop a gift plan that meets your personal, financial, and philanthropic goals. If you are interested in receiving additional information about the charitable IRA rollover, please contact our office.